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Step-by-Step Instructions with Screenshots

(I recommend downloading it here rather than elsewhere since the subsequent links point to packages I have assembled with all the essential files. If you are worried about getting a virus, then wear rubber gloves .)

Notice: all these links will show you an advertisement before allowing you to download the file. This is the way I earn money and keep this site running. Please click the”Skip Ad” button at the upper right corner to proceed to a download.

(I’m not supplying links here since possessing these ROMs without meeting certain circumstances are a violation of US copyright legislation, and I neither support nor aid in the commission of prohibited action.)

  • Extract the NO$GBA.ZIP archive which you just downloaded.
  • Drag the ROMs which you downloaded into the BATTERY folder.
  • Return to the most important NO$GBA folder and open NO$Zoomer.exe. When motivated, locate and select the ROM that you would like to playwith.
  • Open the PKMNBW.TXT record and then copy the code below the game variant that you would like to play.
  • Press F2 or go to Options → Cheats to start the Cheats interface. Paste the code you just copied into the text box, then give it a title, choose Action Replay DS, then click OK. When it appears in your cheat listing, double-click it on to allow it.
  • Reset the cartridge by clicking on File → Reset or hitting the * key on your numpad.
  • Begin playing. Hit F11 if you need to correct the emulator settings.
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    1. Why am I not able to conduct the NO$Zoomer.exe document onto my Mac?

      Executable (. This emulator software functions for Windows operating systems only.

      If you would like to play Nintendo DS games on your Mac, look for a harmonious emulator on Google.

    2. What’s my ROM not working?

      Ensure you downloaded the original English edition of this ROM, as opposed to a interpreted or patched Japanese edition. The English models are often labeled (U) for USA or (E) to get English.

      If that didn’t work, try downloading it in another origin, as the one you are trying to use may be corrupt.

    3. How do I save the game?

      Open the menu by simply pressing the Q key on your keyboard (or, in case you changed the controls, whichever key disagrees with the X button on the Nintendo DS).

      When it doesn’t work, make sure you unarchived that the No$GBA folder to a publicly writable directory. For example, your My Documents folder is a freely writable directory, though your Program Files folder isn’t (it needs administrator authorization).

      In case a user profile is set as an administrator, you could also try conducting NO$Zoomer as a administrator. To get this done, right-click on the file and then click”Run as administrator.”

    4. Which are other Codebreaker or Action Replay codes I could use to cheat?

      I don’t understand any; hunt for them on Google.

    5. Why is wifi not working?

      As far as I know, the wifi built into No$GBA isn’t compatible with the wifi utilized with the ROMs. I have noticed some work-arounds, however, and several other emulators might have wifi compatibility with Pokémon games. If you’d like wifi, then you will need to look for Google and experiment with emulators and software yourself.

    6. Why is your No$GBA crashing, malfunctioning, or not functioning?

      I didn’t make it, therefore that I do not know. For more information about No$GBA, see its official site at