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all right hello everybody I’m Seth I’m going to start off with a fact today the number of American babies killed by abortion each year is roughly equal to the number of US military deaths that have occurred in all the wars that United States haven’t been involved in combined so obviously today my topic is abortion now I believe that abortion is wrong I think it needs to be dealt with I feel very strongly about this topic and I’ve even been involved in life teens which is there’s a picture here if you don’t know what one is today we’re going to look at problems with abortion solutions for abortion and the future of abortion so first what are some problems with abortion well it kills innocent babies abortion is basically another word for the murder of babies the definition of murder according to is quote the killing of another human being end quote so basically you’re killing another human being abortion is murder and it is it is wrong there have been 53 million abortions in the US since Roe vs. Wade in 1973 now Roe vs. Wade basically legalized abortion along with killing innocent babies that are physical risks with abortion one of them is the risk of ectopic pregnancy doubles and what ectopic pregnancy is is when the fetus grows outside the womb and the fallopian tube so abortion causes that to double another risk is pelvic inflammatory disease that increases so public inflammatory disease is an infection of the female upper reproductive tract both of these can end up killing the mother so along with physical pain there’s emotional pain the biggest one is regret a lot of women have abortions when they’re young they can’t support the baby and they don’t want to go through with it so they have an abortion later on life they realize they lost something special and they actually killed somebody and they feel a lot of regret along with regret there is psychological pain stress and depression which can ultimately lead to suicide so what are some solutions to abortion but first the warning the following slides contain extremely cute which is a baby’s dress for Halloween today it makes me its cuteness overload so you have been warned so first the best solution would be to legalize abortion basically the government would go down shut down all the abortion clinics stop the sale of abortion pills and if anybody is caught having an abortion they get sentence as if they murdered somebody else but this option is not very realistic I don’t believe that the United States will ever be able to come together and illegal eyes aboard so the government could tax abortion which would raise the cost of abortion ultimately leading to less abortions because people can’t afford them right now an in clinic abortion costs around 950 dollars in abortion pill costs $800 and that’s from Planned Parenthood calm another solution is abstinence basically you tack it at the source and do not have sex also very unrealistic but people will bring up save and if people will bring up safe sex but condoms fail 10 to 36 percent of time so and that’s for pro-life calm so just because you have safe sex doesn’t mean you’re not getting the girl pregnant there is still that chance also you’re saving yourself from the trouble of STDs and you could go back to condoms condoms only reduce the risk of STDs they do not eliminate it so the best and most realistic option for abortion is adoption when I talk to people about abortion they seem to bring up the fact that if a girl is raped and gets pregnant after eight should she have to go through with having the kid and raising the kids she’s going to be going through all the pain again as she raised that kid well she could have a kid but then give it to an orphanage at least gives a chance to for the kid to live a life and in an orphanage you know they you know you see them depict in movies when kids don’t get adopted and stuff and there’s a struggle there but it is a whole lot better than not having a life at all so what would the future be like if abortion were illegalized well it will take time and money to shut everything down the government would have to you know go through everything down police officers would have to patrol the abortion clinics to make sure they stay shut down they don’t open back up also I don’t think abortions will ever see I think they become like drugs and be taking place in secret really really like on a black market and so as people would get arrested you would have less room and the jails and you’d be paying tax money to keep these people alive in prison and keep them locked up but the best part of all this is that all these babies will have the opportunity to live a life I mean could you experience not being able to have that chance to live a life and and you never know if your baby is going to be the next president or the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Kanye West I mean you never know so give them the chance to grow up start occlusion we can all save babies lives if we stay abortion is wrong I hope you guys realize that shouldn’t be accepted in society and it needs to be dealt with it’s a very serious topic we looked at the problems with abortions we looked at solutions for abortion we looked at the future abortion now today we live in a day where we’re so focused on gay rights and we want freedom of gay marriage well what about babies rights shouldn’t they have the opportunity to at least live a life I mean if if we don’t have babies who else is going to stand up for gay rights so I want to encourage you guys to spread the word about abortion and how terrible it is be the voice of the ones who don’t have voices if you know anybody that’s considering abortion please please discourage them and please help them to change their mind I’m going to leave you with a quote from mother Teresa and it says and I quote it is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish end quote that’s from good recom i think it’s about time that people start sacrificing part of their lives so other people can have their own and happy Halloween