“Real women Real talk” promises to be an avenue for you to start or continue your life’s journey. Our goal is to encourage conversation between women that will enable you to navigate the courage from within to grow. Through panel discussion, relationship building, food and fun, we share our experiences with others. We believe in, encouraging and motivating one another through real talk by real women. You are welcome to bring your opinions to discussions. No one will judge you! Real women real talk is intended to help women recognize that although we may come from different cultures, and various life experiences, we are all the same. All women wish they had things they can do better, or do at all. We all experience times when we feel we are alone in our endeavors. Every woman, no matter her walk in life, needs someone to talk to. You can’t heal what you won’t talk about!

Real Women Real Talk Hosted by K.Nicole and Quanna They will talk about real issues that affect women, from relationships, work/life balance, and friendships, to safety, finances, and more. It’s like being in the beauty shop on a busy Saturday morning…you can learn a lot, agree or disagree, and get some really good seasoned advice for free! Listen live Every Thursday 7pm-8pm